Work related stress - deadlines, quotas, public speaking.

by Ed
(Shelton CT)

Pressure to perform at work has led to my panic attacks. Unrelenting push to achieve sales quotas for my sales team and me, report deadlines, speech preparation, speaking to large audiences and such.

I find myself not breathing properly, talking too fast and having general anxiety. This has caused me to have panic attacks in small places like small rooms and airplanes and before speaking to large groups.

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Nov 15, 2014
It may not help but you're not alone ...
by: Jude @ anxietyunravelled

... stress in the workplace is a massive problem. If you aren't able to change your job, you need to take care to do as many things as possible to neutralise your body and mind's reactions to the stress you experience.

Your body is reacting this way because it thinks there is an emergency, after a long period of constant tension. The only way to make your body turn off those stress chemicals that it's producing (these are what create your unpleasant symptoms) is to teach it that it's OK to relax.

In the midst of these pressures you experience, is it possible to take a moment, regularly, to let go of all that tension by breathing out and consciously 'rag dolling' your whole body? Can you find space in the middle of the day, perhaps in your car, to listen to a relaxation recording for 20 minutes? Or perhaps before bed, or first thing in the morning? To take some herbs and supplements that will support your nervous system?

I really hope that you can find some tactics on this site that you can take on board - and I really hope that you start to feel the benefits soon.

All the best in your recovery,

Apr 09, 2015
great comments
by: Charles R. Nassar

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Mar 01, 2016
Production worker
by: Pamela Thomas

I worked in a fast pace factory in which quotas had to be met through out the work day. At 44 years old I was pretty doubtful in the beginning but I gave it a shot. As the months slowly passed my health had started to fall apart my eating habits were poor but the big change came during my last month of employment. Shortness of breath, lightheaded, shaking out of the blue I made so many ER visit it was crazy and many test later anxiety along with a panick disorder. That job ripped me appart. Not to mention if your quota wasn't met daily you were terminated immediately.

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