14 Day Treatment Plan for Anxiety

Our new Treatment Plan for Anxiety puts together for you all the most important components of a successful recovery in an easy to follow 14 Day Plan. Only $5.95

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Anxiety Unravelled has all the information you need to start your recovery, but when you’re feeling anxious it can be difficult to make decisions about anything, including how to organize a treatment plan for yourself. 

Combined with all the other information and tips you may have found online, it would be understandable if you end up feeling overwhelmed, confused and discouraged. 

 It can be so difficult trying to figure out what is really important and what is helpful but not essential. The result can be a tendency to skip from idea to idea, therapy to therapy, with nothing ever seeming to make a difference.

Our Treatment Plan for Anxiety leads you, step-by-step, through the most important elements. Taking it one day at a time, you will be able to effortlessly make simple changes that will inevitably lead to your recovery. 

Each day you will be given one or two actions to take on board. This will usually include links to pages on this site, so that you can easily review the appropriate information. This will give you a really good understanding of each step and why it plays a necessary or helpful part in your recovery.

Follow the Treatment Plan for Anxiety at your own pace

The plan is divided up into 14 stages, or ‘days.’  You can follow the plan day by day or simply think of each ‘day’ as a stepping stone, making changes at your own comfortable pace. 

Each day will set you more and more firmly in the right direction for your recovery.  The more days you can tick off the better, and the more benefit you will gain, but even if you are only able to master day one this will make a significant difference to your recovery.

Anxiety Unravelled's 14 Day Treatment Plan for Anxiety is only $5.95. (Download onto your PC or Mac for a permanent copy.)

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Remember, it may take some time to recover. There will most likely be ups and downs, moments when you feel well again followed by times when you feel like you’re back at square one.

Just keep following the plan and it is inevitable that you will eventually feel like your old self again. If, once you reach that point, you keep going with it, you will continue to develop more and more settledness and peace, building resilience against any future anxiety problems.

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