Support Anxiety Unravelled

If you are here, you may be thinking about how to support Anxiety Unravelled... thank you! ... that's really great! 

Anxiety Unravelled is, and always will be, free. 

But, it does cost money to maintain a website and many, many hours to construct and keep up to date. I have tried to keep the number of ads to an absolute minimum, because ads are a pain and interfere with how well we absorb the information on a page. They go a small way towards paying for this site's survival (ideally, I would like to get rid of them altogether...). 

My shop also contributes a little towards the site's upkeep. I feel morally obliged to keep the cost of these products as low as possible so that no matter whereabouts in the world you live they are reasonably affordable. I honestly feel that this information should just be common knowledge and available to everyone. 

Even so, ads and the shop combined don't get this site even half way towards being sustainable long term. I need to eat, have electricity for my laptop, feed my cats and wear clothes. This website doesn't support me - I still work full time. Time spent on this site is squeezed into hours snatched from looking after my home and family on the weekend. For this to be sustainable long term (and I would really like this site to continue for decades into the future) I will need your support.

Here are some ways you can support Anxiety Unravelled...

1. Like me on Facebook.

2. You probably know lots of anxious people (anxiety and depression are two of the fastest growing health issues in the world at the moment) - let them know about this site.

3. Buy me a coffee!

4. Buy something from my shop - over time there will be more mp3s and ebooks available.

Thanks everyone! Wishing you all the very best.