Stress - a reader's story

A lot going on for a long time, then a sudden shock finally triggered them off.. Now I'm in fear of getting another one, which almost brings on one.. I'm worried that it might be more than a panic attack at times.. That also causes it to worsen...

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Mar 27, 2016
Don't know if this helps but ...
by: Jude @ anxiety unravelled

... your experience is very typical.

It's a positive sign that you can see how past stresses have set the background for a panic attack to occur. Now you need to reassure yourself that past stress is what got you to this point and therefore it's highly logical that unwinding that stress is what will help you recover.

And of course your tendency to feel anxious is heightened by your nervous system having been thrown off balance. So, even little things may have the tendency to make you more anxious - it helps to know that this is just your body's over-reaction to what it sees as a threat. When you understand that letting go of resistance is the key to stopping a panic attack you will feel more in control and less anxious about having another attack, which in turn will decrease the possibility of having one.

Let this be the beginning of learning how to let go of all the holding onto tension in your body, and of not paying attention to unhelpful thoughts ... these are the things that will help most in recovering.

All the best

Sep 30, 2017
My experience with fear of attacks
by: Anonymous

I sooo understand how you're feeling. Two years ago I had a heart attack which triggered my panic attacks and have been having them ever since. I've had to go on medication to control them. My biggest stress trigger is my family and its been hard to learn how to deal with it all. And yes the fear of another heart attack is always at the forefront of my mind which will trigger another attack. Learning to deal with it all has been a challenge but slowly I am beginning to feel more comfortable with the attacks because I now realise what they are and that I am OK in the end.

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