Severe panic attacks and anxiety

by Christine
(Ohio United States)

I've been having very severe panic attacks and anxiety and they're starting to take over my life it's hurting myself my family and everything around me. I've had 12 deaths in the past five years. We have our own business, my husband drinks all the time, no one seems to want to listen to me, I'm at my wits ends. This is taking over my life and I'm not liking it. Does anybody have any kind of suggestions out there? help.

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by: Jude @ anxietyunravelled

Hi Christine,

The first thing is to learn how to short circuit your panic attacks. I know letting go into the attack seems like the last thing you should do, but it is absolutely the thing that will stop it from developing into that nightmarish feeling of panic.

Follow these five steps. And in fact, practise them everyday as often as you can whether you feel panic coming up or not. It's all about giving your brain and body the really strong message that it's OK to stop sending out all those fear inducing chemicals now.

Once you have learnt that you can prevent panic attacks, that will be the beginning of your real recovery. You may feel very anxious for some time, but at least you won't be feeding the panic cycle any more and your body will have a chance to start to normalise.

Next steps - read through this site thoroughly, take on board whatever you feel comfortable with, don't give up! If it all feels like too much, try my 14 Day Treatment Plan to give you a bit more guidance.

If you can find a counsellor or other therapist that you trust, they may be able to help you deal with some of the shock and grief you must have felt in losing so many people in recent years.

Don't despair, you really can recover.

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