Not the same person - a new reader's story

by Molly

Mental illness changes people! I've been suffering from panic attacks (anxiety) for the past 2 months. I couldn't eat - I ended up loosing a stone and a half. I couldn't stay asleep without having to wake up and be sick and ride through a panic attack. I ended up in the hospital one morning with low blood pressure just shaking. They're not even caused by anything. I simply went to sleep one night fine, never had a panic attack in my life then the next morning i woke up and have had them since.. I started eating again thanks to weetos aha!! It's changed me in some ways. I'm too worried about going out to the pub or something in case i get one. I definitely don't feel like I am the person I was before. I'm on medication but that doesn't make it go away completely. I never knew how much anxiety affected people until I went through it myself - it's not a nice thing. Sometimes you just need someone there to let you know your not alone..

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Aug 23, 2014
You can feel normal again ...
by: Jude

Hey Molly,

You’re not alone ☺ - and you’re going to be all right.

There are three things it’s important for you to know right now. Most important is that you can recover and feel like yourself again, even though I know that at the moment it probably doesn’t feel like that will ever be possible. But you can.

It’s also important to know that even though it may feel like this all happened for no reason, that there will definitely be some causes for your panic attacks, even if you’re not sure what they are at the moment. Most likely, it’s been a long, slow build up of stress that you haven’t really been aware of.

And lastly, it’s important to know that we are all different and our nervous systems have different abilities to deal with stress. So, for instance, even if someone’s friends can party all night and enjoy loud music or thriller movies or pushing themselves to the limit seemingly without any ill effects, it doesn’t mean that everyone can.

You can recover, but you will need to make a few gentle changes and take care of yourself. Check out the rest of this website and begin today with one or two of its suggestions. And allow time for your recovery. It will have taken some time for your nervous system to have become so sensitive, so it will take a while for it to settle again.

All the best,

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