Insomnia and anxiety

Insomnia and anxiety don’t always go together. If you are experiencing anxiety you may not have any trouble sleeping at all. You may be so exhausted from your day of worry and restlessness that you welcome sleep effortlessly, with a sense of relief.  

But if you are experiencing insomnia, you will almost certainly be suffering from some kind of anxiety too, if only about your lack of sleep.  In fact, look for a definition of insomnia and ‘anxiety about sleep’ will be a pretty accurate description of the problem for most people. 

A common pattern is as follows:

  • an experience of some disruption to your sleep patterns (due to any one of a number of factors, for example a crisis in your life of some kind, or a period of prolonged stress, a change of routine etc) - leading to...
  • feelings of fatigue and exhaustion that affect your everyday life - leading to...
  • concern increasing about not getting enough sleep and not being able to function as well as usual - leading to ...
  • increased difficulty in falling or staying asleep – more fatigue, more concern and on and on.

This can become a self perpetuating cycle, sometimes even after the stressful period is over.

Our tips for reducing anxiety, dealing with unwanted thoughts, meditation techniques and other information on will go a long way to helping you improve your sleep but for extra specific advice on how to let go of insomnia and start looking forward to a blissful, peaceful sleep again, Insomnia – 40 tips for a better sleep has great information on how to stop the insomnia and anxiety cycle.

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