I'm not sure if I have anxiety and when I bring it up to my mom she just says I'm being dramatic... advice?

by Liv
(Not saying city, TN, USA)

I'm currently in 8th grade but I started to feel like I had anxiety in the 7th grade, at first it wasn't bad I would just have a small feeling about worry and I wouldn't know why I was worrying I thought it was just a small phase so I tried to ignore it but this year it has only gotten worse I find myself crying and worrying about I don't know what I just feel something in me that feels like I'm worrying...

I don't know if this is anxiety or not I've never talked to a doctor or anything I've only brought it up a few times to my mom but she just thinks I'm being dramatic. I have the best mom in the world she truly is amazing but she won't listen when I tell her I want help... she has seen me crying at night and comes into my room and asks what wrong and I'll just scream "I DONT KNOW!" Because I truly don't and it gets worse at night or when I'm not doing anything... I guess because I'm not doing something or distracting myself I often have trouble falling asleep but it's nothing too terrible. Another thing is I'm good at hiding it in front of people because I don't like people knowing how I feel... is this making it worse?? I don't know anything but I want help please respond with advice if you have any I don't like the feeling of worrying all the time especially when I don't even know what I worrying about or how to fix it...? Does this sound like anxiety...? And if it does what should I do??? Please help๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’– if this doesn't sound like anxiety please tell me as well I just really need to know๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ’–

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by: Jude @ anxiety unravelled

Hi Liv,

Yes, this sounds exactly like an anxiety issue. It's probably what is called Generalised Anxiety, a feeling of something being wrong or feeling anxious a lot of the time for no apparent reason.

It happens as the body's response to feeling a lot of tension for a long time. The body in its wisdom interprets that as there being long term danger and sends out the chemicals that make you feel anxious to make sure you stay alert to any danger there may be around.

The most important thing is to start doing what you can to send signals back to the body that everything is OK now, it doesn't need to keep you in this state of red alert. The Anxiety Unravelled website is all about giving people lots of different ways to start doing this. First off, I recommend you practice the Free Relaxation as often as possible (https://www.anxietyunravelled.com/free-relaxation.html). And then, have another chat with your mum if you can. It would be great if she could support you in this - perhaps a trip to your local doctor would help you both understand, and also confirm that this is the problem.

Don't worry, hiding it from other people definitely won't make it worse.

It's going to be OK, you'll be fine - there's lots you can do to settle your nervous system back down again. You just need to make a few changes.

Take care,

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