Hypersensitivity - a reader's experience

by Tiago

I seem to remember a time when I heard someone retelling their experiences with panic attacks. Later that night, I started to experience a higher degree of anxiety, I couldn't breathe normally. Recently, I've come to know about a neighbor who had a sudden heart attack and died. After this occurrence, I noticed my heart was racing, I was dizzy, hands were sweaty and I had respiratory failure. My parents drove me to the hospital and the doctors told me my condition was triggered by anxiety. I guess my thoughts and fears are related, I'm a very suggestible person.

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Nov 27, 2016

by: jude @ anxietyunravelled

Hi Tiago,

Thanks for sharing your experience. Anxiety and panic often strike sensitive, creative people. Their nervous systems are very 'alive' - responding rapidly to the world around them, absorbing atmosphere and empathising deeply with the experience of others. It's often the case that actors, performers and artists are amongst the most anxious for this reason. According to the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, sensitive people have mainly 'Vata' constitutions. You can read a little more about this here.

The main thing is, once you recognise your sensitivity, to make sure that you take steps to protect yourself and keep your nervous system settled. Most of the tips on this website are actually just as effective in helping sensitive people be a little more resilient as they are in reducing anxiety. Often the two are the same thing.

Nov 27, 2016
your tips
by: Tiago

Thank you very much, Jude. I'll definitely check this out.

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