How to stop obsessive thinking and racing thoughts?


I am having the most difficult time stopping obsessive thinking and racing thoughts. I am going through a very stressful time in my life with huge life changes and feeling out of control of my life in general. As soon as I find myself calm and not obsessing then I immediately monitor my feelings, my symptoms and start obsessing. And once I "come out of it", I realize how silly my thinking is. And I get so angry! I do manage to not let it escalate into full blown panic but the obsessive thinking is what gets me in trouble!


This will be a very familiar problem to many readers! There’s a vicious cycle that gets created – something (or a series of things) sends the body out of balance, which affects our thought processes, which triggers fear and resistance, which sends the body more out of balance, which affects our thoughts and on and on.

The first thing to remember is that obsessive thoughts are just another symptom of an anxious nervous system. They will settle down as your nervous system settles down. Check out here for some ideas about dealing with unwanted thoughts.

A great technique from 12 Step programmes is called the ‘God Box.’ It’s a really useful method of helping us let go of worry and unhelpful thoughts and you can find details about it on this page.

It’s amazing how we can sabotage ourselves as soon as we feel calm. We can start to feel worried about losing the feeling or the sensation can feel so unfamiliar that we start looking to see if there’s any anxiety left anywhere and naturally we find it! If in doubt about how to deal with this, one fail safe technique is to ‘rag doll’. This is basically a quick and easy method of letting go of tension and it helps to diffuse the frustration and resistance we can feel about our symptoms. This in turn helps to break the vicious cycle of thoughts and symptoms.

Obsessive thoughts are something that can also be helped with flower essences. Amongst the Bach Flower essences, White Chestnut is helpful for circling thoughts and Mimulus for fear. The Australian Bush Flower essences of Boronia, for obsessive thinking, and Dog Rose for fear are very helpful. These can be used separately or combined together. Check out flower essences for more information.

In the end, the more you do the things that will help settle your nervous system, the more quickly obsessive thinking will start to fade. So make sure you take a good look around this website - all the information you will need is here – and bit by bit, start adopting some of these ideas into your everyday life.

Particularly whilst you are going through difficulties in your life it’s so important to do the things that are nurturing and supportive of your health. Even a half hour daily of a relaxation technique or meditation will bring you immeasurable benefits, now and into the future and is fantastic practice at learning to let go of unhelpful thoughts. It’s like a muscle that needs exercise – the more you do it, the stronger you get.

Good luck with your recovery - and may the difficulties in your life start to ease very soon.

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Obsessive thinking

Thank you, I did use the God Box technique and will look further into the flower essences. I understand how taking care of ourselves is so important, such as making time for relaxation and meditation (I bought the yoga nigra audio) How challenging it is for me to make time and make it a priority.
I did want you to know however, that when I found your site and learned about the "rag doll" and acceptance...the part that said this was completely SAFE was an epiphany for me. I say this over and over to myself as Im doing it. What a revelation!
Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback...
by: anxiety unravelled is much appreciated. Just keep doing what you're doing and take it one day at a time - you will get there. If you think of it down the track, drop me an email and let me know how you're going. All the best, Jude

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