How do I stop getting caught up in thought? - a reader's question...

So, all through my life I have been quite anxious of vey irrational things. My first really big fear was being gay- I’m now aware this is referred to as HOCD? I’m not entirely sure but, I knew deep down, I wasn’t gay (i’m not saying there’s anything wrong with it at all i was just worried because I felt like I didn’t know myself, if this makes sense), but the thoughts kept spinning and spinning. I then read online that if you don’t give attention to the thoughts then they go. And just like that, whenever the thought came I would just let it go. Simple. Great.

However, recently I read an article about OCD and it triggered very bad thoughts and anxious feelings. I had a panic attack multiple times as I read that someone had a compulsion where they had to cross their eyes every time they had a bad thought, all I have been fearful of ever since is this happening to me. I try to not let the thought get to me, as it is only a thought, but my mind keeps telling me i Have OCD and it will never get better. I just really hope it does :(

Thank you,

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by: Judy

Hi C,

The mind is a very tricky customer! Which is odd, since a thought is even less substantial than the smallest cloud or even the tiniest part of an atom. And yet, we can end up torturing ourselves with our own thoughts, that we alone create.

So, what to do… Well, first of all, as you would know if you have ever had a song stuck in your head, it will eventually go away if you don’t pay it too much attention, but the quicker way is to replace one song with another one. Of course, you can end up getting that one stuck, so it’s not always the best option. The Buddhists and yoga practitioners have another method though which is more effective. They use ‘mantras’ to help keep the mind from getting stuck on unhelpful thoughts. The mantras themselves are also said to have special helpful properties many of which are healing and settling. Many Tibetans have spent their lives from childhood reciting inwardly ‘om mani padme hum’ – one of the most important of all the mantras for clearing away negativity. This is a big topic, but something you may like to look into.

The other equally important thing to know is that the body and mind are so completely connected that if the body is more relaxed and settled the mind will be too, and vice versa. So, take a look at the tips under my ‘prevention’ tab. Settling the body is something that is usually overlooked but really important!!

If you tackle the problem from both sides, (and you do need to be patient, it won’t happen overnight) and are consistent and determined in this, you definitely will start to feel more in control of your thoughts and more relaxed in your life.

All the best,

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