Having roommates is stressful enough without my anxiety (A Reader's Story)

by Randy Rorschach
(Spring Valley)

Well, it all started a couple years back when i had my first panic attack. Freak out. The doctor said it was a panic attack caused by dehydration. 3-4 yrs later, I'm 21 and I was smoking cannabis regularly to take care of my anxiety and help me eat. Usually I'm feeling great and hungry and sleepy afterwards not dizzy, numb and sick like what happened recently. I went to the ER, and was super tense and light headed and tingling all over.

I didn't smoke that morning as I was afraid it may worsen the symptoms. At the end of the day I didn't know what was wrong with me till the nurse gave me my results. Lungs are fine, so that hard to breathe feeling is hocus pocus. My blood pressure was a little low but fine. My blood is okay. So you may have guessed, I have an anxiety disorder, and I think I know how to get rid of it -by stopping my stress one problem at a time.

Like mornings make me dizzy and cold which triggers most of my attacks. I need to wake up and drink a protein shake cause I haven't been eating right or getting enough exercise. That's my body stress, lack of eating, sleep and exercise, which I plan on correcting by having my daily morning protein shake then going for a run.

I'm not unhealthy, as in overweight, it's actually the exact opposite. I'm 140-50lbs and 6ft tall. I should be healthy weighing in at 200lb or so. So I think my body is just asking me to take better care of it or it will freak out from non use. It's time to put away the video games as an all day activity and start getting healthy.

I woke up this morning feeling great and refreshed, aside from my stomach tingling signalling I need to eat. Most people wake up early for breakfast and have it everyday. I dont, it's rare for me to make breakfast or lunch. It's funny how I knew what was wrong the whole time and I ignored my body because the cannabis made me feel numb. That's why I'm taking a break from toking and getting my body to better health to see if I can wipe this condition clean from happening. During this break I have a for symptoms only prescription of lorazepam, just in case.

So "MIND OVER MATTER" is the key to breaking this thing and it helps if we keep a clear head and lead a stress free life. I just hope winter goes by quick because cold weather seems to spike my disorder. I wear a jacket at all times.

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Dec 22, 2013
Thanks for sharing your story Randy ...
by: Jude @ anxiety unravelled

... it’s really helpful to others to hear from someone who’s gone through something similar to them. And congratulations on having got this all figured out so early in your life!

When we’re young, most of us feel pretty bullet-proof – perhaps particularly when our friends are living exactly the same way without any ill effects. It can be confusing when a friend that’s built like a wrestler, or perhaps like Danny de Vito, seems to thrive on late nights, skipping meals, and doing lots of recreational drugs, but you don't.

From the way you describe yourself Randy, it sounds like you have, what ayurveda would call, a typical ‘vata’ type constitution (see ‘diet tips for the anxious' and 'diet and anxiety’ pages on this site). There are lots of advantages to being a vata type, but not being prone to anxiety isn’t one of them! So, you hit the nail on the head by recognising that regular meals, keeping warm, minimising drugs and getting enough sleep are some of the simple things that will help keep anxiety at bay. These are all things that ayurveda recommends to keep vata in balance. Too much screen time, especially video gaming, is another thing that will make most people feel, at the very least, a bit spaced out, agitated and irritable.

Getting some exercise is really essential, but a word of caution – don’t overdo it. If after you’ve exercised you feel weak, shaky or exhausted, it means you’ve pushed too hard and it will tend to encourage your body to keep producing all those stress hormones that make you feel anxious. Be gentle on yourself, at least until you have the anxiety problem under control.

Take care, good luck with your new health routine - if you stick with it I think you are going to feel better than you have in a long time. And have a great Christmas!


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