Free relaxation - at just 5 minutes you can use this several times a day!

This short, free relaxation has been specially designed to be used in a seated position, making it convenient to use any time you can take out a few minutes to listen – perhaps in a spare moment at work, in your (parked ☺) car, on a bus or train, anywhere that you have a few moments to ease your body out of its tension and restlessness. At around just 5 minutes there is no reason not to be able to fit this in on a regular basis and experience the benefits of learning how to let go.

Anxiety Unravelled’s free relaxation can be used many times everyday

I encourage you to use it at least 2 or 3 times a day.  A regular practice gives a really strong message to the brain that it doesn’t need to launch a full scale anxiety response any more.  It not only breaks the onset of the vicious cycle of tension-anxiety-more tension-more-anxiety, but helps train you to reverse the habitual response of tensing up and becoming anxious at the drop of a hat.  It’s an enormously helpful part of the five step process for coping with panic attacks.

I’m confident you’ll enjoy the taste of ease you may experience from this short, free relaxation. For a longer, deeper and even more beneficial relaxation experience try Anxiety Unravelled’s Yoga Nidra – at a little under 30 minutes, your body will love this very healing deep relaxation that really gives your nervous system the experience that it’s OK to relax. When we feel really anxious it’s easy to forget that it is safe to relax. And not only safe, but that more than anything this is what helps your body to understand that it doesn’t have to stay on the ‘red alert’ that anxious people often live with most of the time.

An excellent intro to a meditation practice

Use this 5 minute process as a way of helping to settle your body just before your meditation practice. it's an excellent method of helping your body to become more still and, since when your body becomes more settled, the mind tends to settle also, it will really help you to get more from your meditation.

After a while you won't need the recording any more ...

Practising our free relaxation regularly throughout the day will help unwind the stress and body tension that usually underlie anxiety states. After a while you won’t need to use the recording any more and you’ll be able to go through the relaxation process mentally. As you become more and more practiced, you will be able to relax the whole body within a matter of a few seconds and easily practice this technique many times a day. This is one of the most powerful ways of restoring balance to an anxious, stressed out nervous system.

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Yoga Nidra Deep Relaxation: No effort is required, you simply listen to the instructions and the mind follows them automatically. More information here ....