Australian Bush Flower Essences - capturing the power of the australian outback

Along with the Bach Flower Essences, the Australian Bush Flowers can really help you to feel less overwhelmed and give you courage and strength during your recovery from anxiety states.

These essences are used worldwide nowadays and have been called “like Bach Flowers on steroids”. Well, it's hard to measure these things but I do tend to use them more often than Bachs in recent times. The following is a list of some of the essences that I have used for myself and others and found to be beneficial, particularly where there are anxiety issues.

Emergency Essence – a mixture of seven essences, used in a similar way to Rescue Remedy but working on slightly different areas.

Calm & Clear – a combination that helps us to stop, relax, let go of our worries and take time out for ourselves instead of being constantly on the go. You might like to add other remedies to the mix as appropriate.

Banksia Robur - burn out, losing enthusiasm and drive often because of frustration and disappointment

Black Eyed Susan – for people who tend to be constantly on the go, rushing, taking on too many commitments, often impatient and irritable - similar to Bach's Impatiens

Boronia – for decreasing obsessive thinking.

Crowea – continual worrying, not feeling quite right

Dog Rose of the Wild Forces – fear of losing control

Five Corners – for lack of confidence and low self-esteem

Grey Spider Flower – terror and panic

Jacaranda - feeling scattered, unable to make decisions, for those who tend to dither, move from thing to thing, rushing about and never completing or committing to anything. To help you stick to a treatment program. (Often a constitutional remedy for those most prone to anxiety and panic.)

Macrocarpa - This remedy is invaluable for helping to normalise your adrenals so it's a good idea to add it to any mix when you're battling an anxiety disorder and during a build up of stress. It is also for when feeling deeply weary and drained, for renewing endurance and inner strength. 

Old Man Banksia - when disheartened, worn out and frustrated by setbacks.

Paw Paw – feeling of being overwhelmed and unable to make a decision or resolve problems.

Red Lily – feelings of disconnectedness, lack of focus, ungroundedness

Spinifex - where there's a feeling of having no control over one's illness

Sundew – similar to Red Lily, to help us feel more grounded, less vague and indecisive.

Sunshine Wattle - where life seems full of struggle and bleakness with no hope for the future

Tall Yellow Top - for feeling lonely, isolated, disconnected and lack of belonging

Waratah - for complete despair, feeling stuck in a crisis, for great challenges

There are many other Bush Flower Essences and I would encourage you to investigate and try some out.

On the following page you will learn more about preparing and taking flower essences along with example combinations for typical situations you may experience on your road to recovery from anxiety and panic disorders.

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