3 Facts About Anxiety Essential for Recovery


These 3 essential facts about anxiety are really like gold to the anxious. Anxiety states nearly always bring with them confusion and doubt. Anxiety can attach itself to anything. This can lead to anxiety even about your own treatment plan. A day of feeling worse can make you wonder if it’s your medicine or even your meditation that caused the aggravation.

So it’s good to have something that you can hang on to, remember in times of crisis, something you know you can trust come what may.  Something that is so logical you just can’t argue with it. 

These are basic, indisputable facts that can really help you, particularly if you happen to lose faith that you will ever feel like yourself again. If you remember these three simple truths, at the very least your health will start to improve. Ultimately though, these facts are what will help you time and again on your road to recovery. 

1. Holding body tension will prolong or aggravate your symptoms. 

It's important to really 'get' this fact about anxiety states.  It is true no matter what is causing your problem.

  • Your body tension won’t change anything outside of you, no matter how tense you get. 
  • it won’t help you do things more quickly or effectively, 
  • it won’t change your money situation, your relationships or anything else that is a source of worry or aggravation to you. 
  • It will only ever affect your own health by keeping the body producing stress hormones.

So this is a top priority - learn to let go and relax to the core of your being. This is completely safe.

2. The more you can soften your body tension, the less stress chemicals will get triggered.

The tendency to tense your body and rush about can be pretty ingrained when you’re anxious. This tension is one of the major signals to the brain that it needs to get some stress hormones into the blood stream. It’s these chemicals that cause the vast array of symptoms, ranging from unpleasant to terrifying, and that keep anxiety states entrenched.  

So, the more you can soften your body tension, the stronger the message will be to your brain that it doesn’t need to activate stress chemicals anymore – that the danger has passed. 

3. Worrying or excessively thinking about your symptoms will keep them active.

Just as thinking about a nightmare will keep the sensations you felt in the dream alive, worrying about your symptoms, or keeping on the endless loop of thinking about your anxiety state, will reinforce your symptoms and keep your awareness of them active.  

So, as far as possible it’s really helpful to try to get on with other things. In fact, try not to even talk about your symptoms with friends or family as their concern and asking how you’re feeling will tend to make you go looking for your symptoms again.

Instead, you may find it helpful to keep a journal – this way you can write down your worries rather than have them go endlessly round and round, you can get your thoughts and your situation clarified and out of your head and you will find it easier to let them be for a while.

I know that for many, the symptoms are more or less constant and you may be aware of them all the time. But the more you can loosen the awareness of them the better it will be. And you may find that there will be times when you have been occupied with something else and you weren’t quite so aware of your symptoms as you usually are, or perhaps weren’t even aware of them at all for a little while.

Remind yourself everyday of these 3 essential facts about anxiety

But most of all, keep on, don’t give up – perhaps you won’t get better overnight, but remembering these three facts about anxiety states will help you every step of the way.

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