Don't mean to be rude or offensive but did you really completely recover from your anxiety???

by Mervin

Do you still "feel" it every now and then or has it completely disappeared?

And has anyone tried this product called Lumiday for anxiety? Came across this in the US and was wondering if anyone tried it before.

I don’t think that’s rude at all, in fact it’s a very important question and yes, I do consider myself completely recovered.

Having said that, I also know that I will always have a tendency to feel anxious after long periods of stress if I don’t take care of myself and that I have to take that into consideration, in just the same way that some people will always need to watch their weight for instance.

When you’re feeling well, there’s a tendency to fall back into old habit patterns that aren’t necessarily that good for you. I love staying up late reading, eating food with hot chili, watching thrillers, drinking coffee, working long hours and I have a natural tendency to rush about, do things quickly and try to fit in as much as I can every day. But, if I do too much of that my nervous system will suffer – so I always bear that in mind. If I start to feel restless, tense and don’t sleep so well, I know it’s time to do more yoga nidra, some extra meditation, take the herbs I know are helpful and allow myself to have some time off to really relax without feeling pressured to be busy. When I'm stressed I know what steps to take to prevent anxiety issues arising again and a lot of it is common sense and simply about taking care of myself.

The most important thing though is that I have really lost any fear of anxiety because I know that it is completely within my control. The fear of anxiety is what makes it escalate from an unpleasant feeling into something that can ruin your enjoyment of life and, even worse, escalate into panic. So it was very important getting to that point.

So often, it can feel like anxiety’s something that happens to you for no reason – many people don’t make the connection between what’s been happening in their lives and their anxiety because it’s frequently after the stressful period that it arises. But there is always a connection, and when you become more aware of the warning signs you can take steps to settle the nervous system before it starts to generate feelings of anxiety (lots and lots of tips here on anxiety unravelled around how to do that).

Obviously there are still times, just like anyone else, when I can feel a bit anxious about something – a difficult meeting or taking a risk of some kind for instance, but even then I have become better at being accepting of those things that I don’t have any control over.

The more you can really understand anxiety, the more you can take control and feel less like a victim. Use the 14 Day Treatment Plan and come back to it when you need to. Find more and more ways to let go (of physical and mental tension and all the emotional holding on to worry, resentment etc that we tend to do), and it will become increasingly less likely that anxiety will continue to be a problem.

Some thoughts about Lumiday

I haven’t had personal experience of Lumiday but looking at the ingredients I would think that it may be helpful in a general way, especially where depression is a part of the anxiety symptom picture.

The company isn’t promoting it especially for anxiety but rather for ‘mood enhancement’ – from its ingredients, I would interpret that as a ‘lift’ when you are feeling in low spirits and a greater resilience to stress.

The amount of ‘ashwaganda’ (also known as ‘withania’ ) is very low. This is one of the main herbs that is particularly helpful for anxiety problems. (It contains 50mg, whereas the brand I recommend contains 3.75gm).

To call it a ‘revolutionary’ product is just a bit of marketing – there are other products available that have a very similar set of ingredients.

By all means, give it a try, especially if you are depressed as well as anxious.

You could get similar (or better) results by taking a multi Vitamin B, L-theanine on its own (many brands available), and a good Withania product. Check out my page on Herbs for Anxiety.

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Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your reply and explanation.

I am currently taking EQ CONTROL from Naturesown and it seems quite good keeping me on a even keel, especially during work which is rather stressful


That's good to know ...
by: Jude @ anxietyunravelled

... EQ Control contains Sensoril, which is a good preparation of Withania. Also look out for products containing KSM-66, which is an award winning, stronger extract of Withania that is very helpful when stress levels are particularly high.

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