Could ferrous sulphate supplements be making me anxious?

I've been taking ferrous sulphate for iron deficiency for the past two weeks. Since then I've noticed an increase in anxiety symptoms. I also take zinc, magnesium and a vitamin B complex. Do you think the extra iron could be causing me more anxiety?

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by: Jude @ anxietyunravelled

Hi, I think it's really unlikely that it is the iron that is causing you to feel more anxious. It's a pretty neutral kind of supplement and if you have been short on iron it's more likely to be helpful than otherwise.

You may be better off visiting your local health food shop and finding an iron supplement that's a bit easier to digest - ferrous sulphate can tend to make people a bit constipated! An Iron Amino Acid Chelate is easier for the body to absorb especially if it has added vitamin C and B vitamins.

All the best,

Ferrous sulphate does cause anxiety
by: Anonymous

Hi, the FDA have issued statements in the past linking a definite side effect of increased anxiety when taking ferrous gluconate, ferrous fume rate and ferrous sulphate. The anxiety itself is harmless but horrible to endure. It is a rare side effect and less than 10% of people taking an iron supplement suffer from it. However it is a side effect, consult with your doctor if the symptoms get unbearable.

by: Judy

Thanks for the comment. It's also true that anxiety can sometimes be linked with lack of iron, which is easier to understand from a physiological perspective. I guess the main thing is, if you think a particular supplement may be an issue try not taking it and see if it makes any difference.

Generally speaking, anxiety can attach itself to almost anything - if we've felt anxious in a particular set of circumstances we can come to the conclusion it's the circumstances that are the cause, rather than the state of our nervous systems. So the highest priority is doing what we can to re-establish a settled mind and body.

Iron supplements
by: Anonymous

Hi all

I've also started Ferrimed 2 weeks ago and experience the same symptoms. Shortness of breath, anxiety, heart palpitations

Iron supplements are giving me anxiety
by: Anonymous

I am 100% positive it is iron. I started taking supplements a few weeks ago and my anxiety started right away. I ran out and didn't go get some right away and noticed after 2 days that I hadn't had any anxiety so went another week without iron without problems. I got more iron today (different brand) and about 1.5 hours after taking it my anxiety was back.

Terrible anxiety from iron pills
by: Joan hammer

Terrible anxiety from taking the iron pills just terrible so I don’t know what to do to get it it’s really difficult to eat enough iron in food to get my iron up I’m anemic so if anyone has any ideas please let me know and my email is Juanita please let me know what I need at

Hi Joan,

You could try Floradix, which is a liquid, plant based source of iron that gets iron levels up very quickly. Because it is plant based and has additional vitamins etc added in it is easily absorbed by the body and might not give you the same problems as other iron supplements. Worth a try I think,


Yes I think it might! Me too...
by: Anonymous

I’m very anemic and have been told to take a high dose of ferrous gluconate everyday, however it keeps making me feel anxious and depressed. I’ve stopped and started again a few times now and sure enough every time I restart a few days later I start to get those feelings again. I thought I was going mad as the doctor said it wouldn’t be the pills. Thank you for writing this as I don’t feel so alone now. However, how do I get rid of the anemia without a supplement? I try to eat a diet high in iron but obviously not enough...

by: Judy

Hi, I would definitely give Floradix a try - liquid, plant based iron supplement that actually tastes OK.

Iron is an essential and common element in our diets. It is pretty much impossible for iron to be a source of anxiety, however, totally possible for an artificially manufactured iron supplement to have side effects.

Up your intake of Vit C which helps iron to be absorbed. If you're a meat eater, red meat especially liver will eventually bring up your iron levels but make sure you have plenty of vegetables and fibre containing foods with it to avoid constipation and other health issues.

The problem with anxiety is that it will attach itself to anything and it can be hard to see what is actually going on. For instance, if someone has a panic attack at the supermarket, it is highly likely that the supermarket will be a trigger in the future. Work on reducing anxiety levels in general - lots of tips on this website.

All the best,

by: Anonymoustrapper

WOW: I could not believe what I have just read. Because everywhere I look it says low iron equals high anxiety. I have clinical depression and a severe anxiety disorder anyway, but I swear ever since I have been on these things my mornings are worse than ever. I am going to stop taking them for 3 days. I actually hope I feel just as crappy, but if I dont...well

Iron tablets can cause anxiousness in some people.
by: Mags

I’ve been prescribed iron tablets for 3 weeks and felt really anxious and depressed for this last week. The tablets was the only thing I had changed in my life so today I decided to leave them off. Now I feel so much better and my cheerful self this evening (I used to take the iron tablet first thing in the morning). I thought I was going mad this past week... so the answer is YES they can cause anxiety and depression. Even my hands were trembling sometimes which is something I never experience. It is such a noticeable difference that I decided to go online to find out. Thanks Anonymous, now I know I’m not alone.

One more to the list
by: Alejandro

Hello, my name is Alejandro. I'm from Costa Rica.
I've general anxiety disorder and I've been on Paxil for the last 15 years. About 2 months ago I had to start taking an iron supplement and boom there it was. After more than 4 years of not having any panic attacks I had one. I had forgotten how miserable life is when dealing with high levels of anxiety.
I bought Megafood blood builder and started with half a pill to see how I felt and it went well.
That worked for me.

I wish you all a happy and healthy life.

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