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Do anxiety disorders need a new name? ... A rose by any other name would certainly smell as sweet (to quote old Will Shakespeare) but would anxiety disorder by another name make it easier to understand by the people in the suffering person’s life? 

Experience suggests to me that this name makes the condition hard to understand for those who haven’t suffered from it ...

Holiday unease … Holidays are when we can relax and chill, right? That’s the usual expectation. But for many of us it’s far from the reality we experience.  Interestingly, holidays are often when people feel most anxious. This can also manifest as feelings of disquiet, edginess, agitation, restlessness, inability to relax … For some, it’s so uncomfortable that they would rather be back at work.  So, what’s going on!?

3 aspects of every anxiety attack you need to deal with ... Every attack almost always involves these three elements - dealt with one by one makes them easier to handle.


Life is unpredictable and that's OK... or at least we need to find a way of feeling OK about that if we’re to be free of anxiety.


Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof - old quote, modern wisdom - what does this grammatically weird jumble of words actually mean?!


Is meditation really just sitting doing nothing? - a computer analogy can help us understand it's benefits.



Sesame oil massage - massaging your body with sesame oil can help settle anxiety over time.

Diet and Anxiety - Is there a connection?

Dealing with Unwanted Thoughts

The God Box - a simple technique to reduce worry

Obsessive Thoughts - a reader's perspective

Serotonin, Anxiety - food myths and facts

Tryptophan for anxiety? will eating tryptophan rich foods increase your serotonin levels?

Seven secrets of meditation - anyone can meditate if you understand the seven secrets.

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