Anxiety Unravelled Ebook

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A unique approach to healing anxiety and panic using wisdom from Ayurveda, modern research and personal experience - 140 pages.


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Ebook includes:

- A Step by Step Detailed Action Plan 

- Letting go of Insomnia

- Yoga for Anxiety: A simple illustrated Yoga Routine

- Ayurveda - how even a basic understanding can make all the difference to your recovery

- Derealisation and Depersonalisation 

- Dealing with setbacks

- Is the way you breathe just making matters worse?

- Understanding how the brain creates your symptoms

And much more...



The Essentials:

        The five step process to stop panic & anxiety attacks

        The causes of panic attacks - why is this happening to me?


1. What is anxiety?

2. What can I do to relieve my anxiety state?

         Ayurveda – a comprehensive approach to healing the imbalance that underlies all anxiety states.

         Why has an imbalance occurred?

         Restoring the balance in Ayurveda = settling Vata

                  Lifestyle tips for balancing Vata

                  A Vata-Balancing Diet

                  Dietary Tips for Vata

                  General Tips for Eating and Diet

                  Daily oil massage

3. How you can support your recovery with complementary medicines

          Herbal Medicine

          Vitamins and minerals

          Other Supplements

          Flower Essences

          Incense and Oils


4. Are you breathing properly?

          Breathing Exercises

                  Breathing into the Stomach

                  The ‘Victory’ Breath

                  'Humming bee' Breath

 5. The Benefits of Meditation & Yoga

           What are the Secrets of Effective Meditation

           The Connection Between Mind and Body in Meditation      

           Breath Meditation

           Sound Meditation

           Yoga Nidra

           The Role of Yoga

           Simple Illustrated Yoga Routine 


6. The Mind Rules, OK?

7. How the brain maintains anxiety states and how it stops them

8. Practical ways to deal with anxiety states, panic and worry

          Dealing with anxiety and panic attacks

          Dissociative states - depersonalisation and derealisation

          Dealing with worry

9. On the road to recovery

          Setbacks & short-circuiting anxiety in the future

          Some tips & reminders for everyday

10. Insomnia - letting it go

11. From a spiritual perspective

12. FAQ

13. Stress

14. Moving on out of the shadow

15. Step by Step Detailed Action Plan



Ayurvedic Body/Mind Type Test - is your basic constitution Vata, Pitta or Kapha?

The Six Tastes

General Tips for Settling Aggravated Pitta

General Tips for Settling Aggravated Kapha


Recommended Reading


Your book was a real eye-opener for me -  I totally relate to being a Vata type, so understanding that has been incredibly useful. Reading the book was like having a really wise and compassionate friend by my side. Thank you so much! ~ Bonnie, Australia

Jude’s understanding and compassion shine through every word of this book. She has made what seemed so overwhelming and impossible to deal with something that I now feel optimistic about tackling and that in itself has helped me feel better. She covers everything that you need to know in order to recover, with lots of practical tips and an action plan. I suspect I’m going to refer to this book many times over the coming years. ~ Sarah, U.K.  

Anxiety Unravelled Ebook - $9.95

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