Always have fear of dying like I m having heart attack

by Nadia

Started 2yrs back everything was fine I worry a lot even on small things my anxiety always causes pain and discomfort or I start crying without any reason I m 34 yrs old female mother of 3 boys I alway keep my self busy to hide from panic attacks my brain is occupied 24/7 with negative thoughts and I don't feel happy at all I really don't know what's happening and why

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by: Jude @ anxietyunravelled

Hi Nadia,

Your situation is very common. Anxiety problems usually come as a complete surprise. But there is always some history of either acute or accumulated stress.

Just being a mother of three boys may be a stressful enough trigger for some - sleepless nights and the constant caring for others...

It's not clear from what you say what the causes were for you, perhaps you have always been a bit of a worrier? When we are younger we don't realise the effect our negative thinking has on our nervous systems. The body can cope with negative and worrying thoughts for a while. But if it goes on for too long, if it becomes more or less a permanent state of mind, the body eventually interprets that as there being some kind of danger present and keeps your body on red alert resulting in feelings of anxiety. And of course, this is also what keeps anxiety symptoms in place - a vicious cycle.

You need to find a way of breaking the cycle somehow. Meditation, relaxation, finding time to let go and stop 'hiding' from panic - the more you fight the more the anxiety will stay in place. There's plenty of tips here on this site - the more you can take on board, the more your anxiety will eventually settle.

Good luck for your recovery!

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