The God Box - a simple technique to reduce worry

The God Box is a useful method for helping you to let go of worry, reducing anxiety and for solving the seemingly insoluble problem. You could also call this your Higher Self Box, or Angel Box - whatever suits you. It doesn’t have to be a box – it could be a jar or bag – whatever is convenient, but it feels good to make it special in some way.

This is a technique that originates from the 12-Step Programmes and many thousands of people have found it very effective. It works like this – quite simply you write down whatever issue it is that is concerning you that you have been unable to resolve or let go of. You then place the piece of paper in the God Box and relinquish control of fixing the situation to a higher power.

Whenever you think of the problem again, you just say to yourself, “It’s OK, it’s in the God Box – I haven’t been able to sort this out, I’ll let a higher intelligence do it for me”.

You don’t have to believe in God for this to work. If you don’t have any spiritual beliefs you may wish to think of this higher power as:

  • that part of you that is connected with the great intelligence that orders all things –
  • the intelligence for instance, that is always trying to maintain balance in our bodies without any effort on our part (and despite our best attempts to throw it out of balance!),
  • or the intelligence that can change a caterpillar into a butterfly.
  • or maybe quite simply that part of you that will bring to mind the name that you are trying to remember - that makes it pop into your head out of the blue, but only once you've let go of it and have stopped trying to remember.

You can put anything you like in the box:

  • Worry about the future,
  • about your health,
  • worry about your anxiety,
  • about your children or how to deal with your children
  • or your relationships
  • or your tendency to be impatient or lonely or angry,
  • even where something is that you have mislaid ... whatever you like.

Basically, this is the same as:

  • what author Richard Carlson calls "putting things on the back burner of your mind,"
  • or Eckhardt Tolle calls "living in the now."
  • what Meher Baba was encouraging us to do when he famously said, “do what you can and then don’t worry, be happy”.

You will find this practice at the centre of all effective self-help techniques and all spiritual practices.

The beauty of the God Box is the physical component of writing your concern down and placing it in the box. The mind enjoys the finality of that gesture and isn’t so tempted to keep revisiting the concern because it is physically safely tucked away in the box and handed over to a higher intelligence to sort out.

The simplicity of this technique belies its power. It combines something of the benefits of journal writing with the immense benefits of being able to let go of thinking about those issues that you cannot or don’t know at present how to change.

By putting thoughts down on paper we give them more structure, rather than endlessly going round and round without direction. We so often keep coming back to the same thoughts again and again in an attempt to sort the issues out.

The mind has the tendency to constantly go off on tangents and writing is one way of bringing much needed focus to the mind. The end result is a quieter, more peaceful mind and because we are not so caught up in our worries we are more open to picking up on those things that are going to help us.

The God Box is not an excuse for sitting back and doing nothing. You continue to make decisions and take action when appropriate.

There are other things that can help you to let go of worrying and nagging thoughts - take a look here at the wonderful world of Bush Flower Essences which are a gentle but extremely helpful natural remedy for all sorts of problems.

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