Bach Flower Remedies and Bush Essences –
4 : putting it all together

If you’ve had a good look through the previous pages you have probably found some Bach flower remedies or other flower essences you would like to try, to help you cope with your anxiety state. So what next?

Where to buy

Bach Flower remedies and other flower essences are sold by most health food shops these days but you can of course also buy them on-line:

see for Bach Flowers

and for Australian Bush Flowers

Most naturopaths and herbalists will also be able to make up an essence mix for you. 

What to buy

  • Stock Bottle of Bach Flower Remedy or Australian Bush Flower Remedy
  • Dropper Bottles
  • Purified or Still Mineral/Spring Water
  • Brandy

If you are not getting a remedy or combination made up for you, then you will need to buy a ‘stock’ bottle of the remedies that you are interested in. You will take a few drops out of the stock bottle and add to a mix of brandy and water to make the remedy that you take (see below). It is definitely cheaper in the long run to buy the ‘stock’ bottles for yourself, as you will be able to make dozens of dosage bottles from these and also have the freedom to create your own combinations as you wish.

How to make up a flower remedy

Once you have worked out the single essence or combination that you want to take, all you will need is a small dropper bottle (your health food shop, chemist or naturopath should be able to sell these to you), your still spring or mineral water and the brandy (this is to help preserve the mix, but you can make up remedies without it if you wish, they will just not stay fresh for as long).

For Bach Flower Remedies:

Add 2 drops of each essence to your dropper bottle (4 drops if using Rescue Remedy)

Fill two thirds with spring water and top up with brandy.

Put the dropper top on firmly and mix by tapping the base of the bottle firmly into your other hand a few times (more effective than just shaking the bottle).

Label and date (an important step – or you will probably eventually end up with a bunch of bottles and have forgotten what's inside!)

For Australian Bush Flower Essences

Follow the same procedure as for Bach Flowers but use 7 drops of flower essence instead of 2. (Though personally if I was mixing the Bachs with the Bush Flowers I would probably use at least 5 drops of Bachs).


Practically anything goes, it’s not exact science, and you can’t harm yourself taking Bach flower remedies or Australian bush flower essences, but some methods are more efficient than others. Generally speaking, it’s best to take 7 drops under your tongue 3 times a day, including first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

If you feel you need to, you can take the remedy more often but remember that paradoxically, drinking the whole bottle in one go will be much less effective than taking a few drops throughout the day (it’s a homoeopathic effect). If you feel that you’d like to take your remedy more often (in acute situations for example) it’s a good idea to put the 7 drops in a glass of water and just sip from the glass now and then.

It’s recommended you take your flower essence remedy everyday for 2 weeks and then reassess. You may feel you need to take it for longer (and that’s absolutely OK) or you may feel that some other issues are more pressing and instead choose some other essences for a new remedy. Or, perhaps there may be another essence that you could just add to the mix you’ve been taking.

Often you will just start to forget to take your remedy, which is a good indication that it’s done its work.

Some helpful combinations

Australian Bush Flower Emergency Essence/Bach Flower Rescue Remedy

Both these essences are essential and interchangeable. For those moments of crisis when it is too much even to think about which remedy you may need, or when your symptoms have become acute or suddenly aggravated.

For dealing with general symptoms of anxiety and panic

Dog Rose of the Wild Forces (Australia Bush Flowers are in green)

Dog Rose

Grey Spider Flower




Cherry Plum (Bach flower remedies are in blue)



White Chestnut

Rock Rose

For helping deal with stress 


Banksia Robur


For dealing with sensations of ungroundedness/unreality (dissociation)

Red Lily



Sydney Rose


For those times when doubt and despair set in



Kapok Bush

Banksia Robur

Old Man Banksia

When feeling exhausted with your condition



Old Man Banksia

For dealing with unwanted, obsessive thoughts

White Chestnut



Loss of faith that you will recover

Sunshine Wattle

Red Grevillea


Extreme despair


Sunshine Wattle

Sweet Chestnut

To help take responsibility for your current state of health

Peach Flowered Tea-tree


Southern Cross


Chestnut bud

Feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope

Mint Bush

Paw Paw

Fear of symptoms returning



Sunshine Wattle

Dog Rose