Hi, I'm Jude Legon

Quite understandably, you would probably like to know a bit more about me before fully placing any trust in the recommendations of anxietyunravelled.com. Well, I am both a former sufferer and a qualified health professional.

I’ve always had this slightly inexplicable desire to help ease the pain of others, especially mental suffering which is so much more difficult to deal with than most physical pain and this led me to become a naturopath/herbalist/homoeopath and later a meditation and yoga teacher.

And I know, as a former sufferer, that when you are in the grip of anxiety and panic what you really want is to hear from someone who has actually experienced what you are going through and come out the other side. I can assure you that I have and that what I have learnt through that process has added immeasurably to the quality of my life. I am much happier and healthier than I have ever been. 

Whilst now I can see very clearly why it happened, at the time nothing could have been more unexpected to me than developing panic disorder.  My normal life was replaced by a life of constant feelings of fear, and I had no idea why. I couldn’t see any possibility of ever feeling like myself again.   As someone considered by many to be a calm and optimistic person, with a positive spin on life, the thought had never crossed my mind that anything so nightmarish could ever happen to me. The fact that I was a naturopath with a feeling of invulnerability due to my ‘healthy’ lifestyle just added to my sense of shock and bewilderment about it all.

Fortunately I learnt to manage the panic, but there followed several years of experiencing the symptoms of constant, intense anxiety and dissociation.  During that time I explored many avenues in an attempt to understand what was happening to me.  I visited many different therapists but nothing seemed to help – no-one was able to ‘cure’ me.  

I spent time with some very wise people but they had never experienced what I was going through. How could I know that what they were saying would really apply to me?  It was easy for them to give advice.  Perhaps these things might work for other people but what if my case was irreversible? (Doubt is a constant companion among the anxious.) 

Over time, I developed a deep and intimate understanding of the nature of anxiety, why it happens, what helps prevent it and how to stop it once it develops.  I’ve learnt what works and what doesn’t and know first hand that no matter how bad it is, there can come a day when life feels ‘normal’ again.

As a naturopath and herbalist I had a herbal dispensary at my disposal and was able to experiment on myself with different combinations of herbs and a variety of supplements.  

As a homoeopath I knew homoeopathy could help where nothing else would and I experienced not only the benefits but also the pitfalls of homoeopathic treatment.  

As someone with an enduring and insatiable curiosity about the big questions in life I continued to investigate many avenues of philosophy and mysticism, seeking to understand the underlying spiritual principles that sustain this universe but which allow people to experience such terrible pain.  

I read a great deal and sometimes I would hit on something that really made sense and whilst not written for people with anxiety problems nevertheless threw some light on my situation.  

However, there didn’t seem to be anything available that told the whole story; that covered all the important angles.  

This site contains all the information I wish had been available to me, in one place, back then. 

It is my deep wish that what you find here will help you quickly recover and give you all the understanding and tools that you need to prevent anxiety or panic ever bothering you again. 

All the very best on your journey of recovery,


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