3 aspects of every anxiety attack you need to deal with ...

Anxiety and panic attacks are diabolical and tricky and frequently overwhelming. They are easier to handle if you break them down into their three components and understand and deal with each of them one by one. It’s when you can’t see these three aspects that the experience can become overwhelming and you can feel out of control.

The three elements of each attack...

Every attack almost always involves these three elements:

Symptoms: these can be many and varied -racing heartbeat, dizziness, nausea, feelings of unreality are some of the most common (see symptoms).

Shock: every attack comes as a shock. They often seem to appear completely out of nowhere so of course we feel shocked when they occur.

Fear for the future: when we don’t understand what’s going on, or where the attack came from and we feel like a victim of something over which you have no control, most of us will start to feel really scared about it happening again.

  • Dealing with the symptoms: the symptoms have occurred because of either accumulated or acute stress. They will settle down very quickly if you can allow yourself to relax into them. This seems counter-intuitive since your instinct will be to fight but it's what works every time – see stop panic in five steps.
  • Dealing with the shock: this is often overlooked. One of the best things you can have on hand is Rescue Remedy (an alternative is Emergency Essence) – see flower essences. This will help to resolve the shock and enable you to handle the attack more logically. The other option is to recognise that you've had a shock - stay warm, have a warm drink, rest if possible, take time to breathe out fully after each in breath.
  • Dealing with fear for the future: when you really understand where the attacks come from and how you can start to settle your nervous system you will start to have more control and feel that it’s in your power to prevent future attacks - see causes.

It's amazing how, when you have the knowledge, the power is taken out of something that helped us escape from danger in prehistoric times, but these days is more like an annoying computer feature that pops up all the time when you don't need it! 

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